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What vegetables, fruit and seeds can be feed lovebirds?

Apples, berries, a mango, a melon, pineapple, a cherry, a cranberry, bananas, pears, peaches, oranges, a pomegranate, tangerines, a grapefruit, pawpaw, plums, a grapes, an apricot, a garden radish, turnip, carrots (grated), a cooked potato, cabbage, a parsley, tomatoes, sweet pepper, a cauliflower, broccoli (inflorescences and leaves), cucumbers, greens (leaves of a dandelion, salad, spinach), nuts (earthen, walnut), fruit juices, cottage cheese, a mountain ash, millet, rice, oats, sunflower, figs.

From apples delete clingstone.

At the bad contents, it is especial in small cages and absence of dialogue, lovebirds can start to pull out at itself feathers.

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