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  • My canary was ill, and the doctor has written out liquid medicines. And how them to give?
  • How to find out, whether there is at a bird an excess weight?
  • How to find out, whether there are at a bird worms?
  • At my budgerigar began a diarrhea. What to do?
  • How to expiate a parrot? He at me completely ignores pond.
  • How it is possible to speed up a moult at a parrot?
  • My parrot all time sleeps. I take him from a cage and I put on a shoulder, but he continues to sleep. Whether it is good?
  • How take blood from birds on the analysis?
  • You do not know, when chickens of canaries will cease to peep?
  • My canary began to hatch out eggs yesterday. How her to feed during time brood eggs and when chickens will appear?
  • How it is easier to catch a canary? I periodically let release the canary from a cage, he starts her to avoid.
  • At my familiar two years the street pigeon lives. At him began to be bent claws.
  • How many years live pigeons? And how it is possible to define their age?
  • My parrot does not like apples, carrots, peaches..., etc. What to do?
  • Than it is possible to diversify a diet of a parrot?
  • Female budgerigar has demolished an egg directly on a bottom of a cage.
  • How to determine, whether the impregnated egg?
  • Whether it is possible to determine floor senegal parrot without analysis DNA?
  • What branches can be given budgerigar?
  • Whether it is possible to learn to speak a senegal parrot?
  • How many a day it is necessary to feed once macaw?
  • What vegetables and fruit can be feed macaw?
  • We of the female budgerigar have bought male. But they for some reason are not friends, female drives female on a cage.
  • At female budgerigar the tail is similar on lamp-chimney brush for bottles. Anybody of him for a tail not pull.
  • Whether parrot african grey parrot will approach for the child?
  • I want to buy african grey parrot. How correctly to choose a birdy, what floor?
  • I want to start cockatiel. What size of a cage is necessary for them?
  • The parrot sharpen a beak about a mineral clingstone, and then eats fine slices which from him break away. It not harmful?
  • Two months ago has bought young cockatiel. It under a cop had naked place. The seller has promised, that it will be over.
  • Why I male macaw with recent time began to show to me aggression?
  • Recently I female macaw began to fly badly.
  • In what place it is possible to put a cage with macaw?
  • Why it is necessary three bowls for feeding macaw?
  • At mine macaw on feathers any white powder. It that, is sick?
  • What means position of a crest at macaw?
  • Tomorrow a meal to buy macaw. How the healthy bird should look?
  • My one-year-old macaw started to pluck to itself. Can at him ticks?
  • Why I male macaw recently started from me to stick?
  • My lovebirds eats only a canary seed, all another refuses.
  • What vegetables, fruit and seeds can be feed lovebirds?
  • Whether it is necessary to cut lovebirds claws and a beak?
  • What lovebird need to be bought?
  • It is better to start one or a pair lovebirds?
  • In a pet-shop have told, that lovebirds are very sensitive to smells. It is the truth?
  • To me have presented lovebird. He any wild, all time is hidden in a small house. How him to tame?
  • At me more year lives female lovebird. I want to buy to it male. How them unite?
  • I lovebirds began to peck nestlings! What to me to do?
  • I female lovebird has postponed eggs. It is necessary to prepare a cage for occurrence of nestlings somehow?
  • What grain can be given lovebirds in the let germinate kind?
  • At me two live female lovebird, they constantly carry eggs which try also to hatch out (male at me are not present).
  • Sand for birds has ended. Whether it is possible to replace him cat's stuff?
  • What laying in the best way approaches for birds?
  • Whether it is possible to contain in a cage of two male budgerigars?
  • As at parrots with an instinct of self-preservation. Whether they understand what to chew it harmful, and what are not present, etc.?
  • What for to place in a cage of a pole of different diameter?

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