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How many years live pigeons? And how it is possible to define their age?

Pigeons live on the average 15-20 years.

The adult bird (approximately from 3-4 months) can be determined by the form a beak, cere (nose), to color iris an eye and to color foot: at nestlings the beak soft, looks long and thin, at the adult pigeon the beak firm and looks more widely and more shortly; cere at nestlings dark and small, and at adults she of white color also is visually strongly allocated; at nestlings iris dark (gray-brown), and at adults - bright orange or yellowish; at nestlings of a paw dark with thin fingers, and at adult pigeons of a paw red with stronger and advanced fingers.

At absolutely small (about one month) nestlings on feathers yellow down and the basis of a beak not plumose (at adults it fledge due to that the beak also looks more shortly)...

Exact age of the pigeon already the adult to establish it is almost impossible...

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