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Norwegian Buhund
Standard FCI N 237


GENERAL APPEARANCE -- The Norwegian Buhund is a typical spitz dog of middle size, lightly built, with a short, compact body, fairly smooth-lying coat, erect, pointed ears, tail carried curled over the back, and with a courageous, energetic character.

HEAD -- size in proportion to the body, wedge-shaped, lean, not too heavy. Skull almost flat; the stop is well defined but should not be too pronounced. Muzzle is rather short, tapering evenly toward the nose, which is black; bridge is straight; lips tightly closed. The male and the female sex must be clearly defined.

EYES -- Color as dark as possible, harmonizing with the color of the coat.

EARS -- Pointed: size and shape in harmony with the head; height somewhat greater than the width at the base; carried strongly erect.

MOUTH -- Scissors bite.

NECK -- Lean, comparatively short, good carriage.

FOREQUARTERS --- Moderately angulated at the shoulder, harmonizing with type: well-set elbows: legs are straight, lean and with good bone, not coarse, although this is preferred to too fine.
Feet are oval in shape and compact.

BODY -- Deep chest with well-sprung ribs; strong, straight back and loins. Arch of coupling should harmonize with type. Length of body equal to height at the withers.

HINDQUARTERS -- Moderate angulation; powerful; good muscle and bone: oval, compact feet; dewclaws are considered a fault.

TAIL -- Well furred, set high, tightly curled, not carried too much on one side.

COAT --- Outer coat -- Thick, rich and hard, but rather smooth lying. Under coat -- Soft, dense, wooly. On head and front legs the coat is comparatively short: on neck and chest itis longer.

COLORS -- Wheaten (biscuit) -- Ranging from light to yellowish red, with or without dark-tipped hairs; mask permitted but should otherwise be self-colored. Black -- Preferably self-colored, but
white blaze, white markings on chest, narrow ring on neck and white on legs are permissable. The white marking should not, however, disturb the overall impression.

SIZE -- Height at withers: Males: 43 to 47 cm (17 to 18 1/2 inches). Females: 41 to 45 cm (16 to 17 1/2 inches). Weight: Males: 14 to 18 kg (31 to 40 pounds). Females: l2 to 16 kg (26 1/2 to 35 1/2 pounds).

FAULTS -- Too fine, too coarse, nervous, liver-colored nose, light eyes, not strongly erect ears, anything but scissors bite, poorly curled tail, wavy or too-long coat, any color but the ones mentioned above. Any deviation from the standard is a fault which should be punished according to the seriousness of its character, and should be seen in relation to the overall impression.