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Some useful "Do" and "Don't" for people who keep cats

Do  Every day feed your pets always in the same time. Preferably in the evening.

Do   Make sure that fresh water is always at cat's disposal. If you live in the region where there's a hard water, boil it before giving it to a cat.

Do  Dry the cat when it returns home after being out in the rain (if it is free to go out), especially the lower part of the body (chest, belly, legs). And certainly, dry the cat after washing and place it in warmth).

Do  Regular everyday grooming. During the grooming it is obligatory to check ears, paws, eyes etc. on the presence of any extrinsic bodies or injuries of skin.

Do  Keep your pet's bed clean and ventilated. Be sure that the bed isn't situated right on the floor but elevated and not in the drought or damp place.

Do  Occasionally examine claws to know that they are not too long. If they are make a visit to a veterinary surgeon, in order to cut them if you are unable to do this yourself.

Don't  Overfeed the animal or make it eat when it doesn't want to.

Don't  Allow your pets to beg or steal food when you have a launch. Teach the animal to lie in its place at that time or stay in another room.

Don't  Permit your friends or visitors to give bits of food to your pets only because this brings them pleasure.

Don't  Give food just from refrigerator. It should be of room temperature.

Don't  Allow animals to be exited at the sight of food or while preparing food for them.

Don't  Leave food, which was not eaten. Take it away and offer it after 2-3 hours. If the food will be refused again, take it away till next day.

Don't  Allow your animals drink directly before meal or directly after.

Don't  Stop your pets to eat grass and herbs when you go out of town. Animals themselves look for vitamins and minerals, which lack in food they eat.

Cat likes:

- to sit in rays of sun, near the fireplace or on the bed.
- to have some seances of playing with its favorite master or other cats daily.
- to take meals at the same time with people and sometimes taste human food.
- to have a dry and clean toilet always at its disposal, even if the major part of its time the cat is not at home.
- to browse plants, because soft sprouts are so tasty, and then to belch them on the carpet.
- tender brushing and combing out the dead hair, but only when it wants.
- to have a clean and shining hair.
- to have several planned litters in the case of a purebred animal. As far as domestic cat is concerned, it likes a peaceful life, and no kittens.
- to hear an easy singing, quite and friendly low voices.
- guests who cherish and stroke and bring little presents.
- to catch a mouse, grasp a hen, catch a flying bird, play with little ball or ball of a paper, and the like.
- being undisturbed while sleeping, even if the dream lasts for hours.
- to balance on the elevated parts of furniture, scurry about between cut-glass ware and vases, climb up on curtains; sharpen claws on wallpaper and a sofa.

Cat hates:

- cold and rainy weather, if there's no place to find warmth.
- lonely life and isolation (independently of reason).
- Irregular, unreasoned meals, too hot or too cold food, acescent food or food in a dirty dishes.
- absence of a toilet or a dirty toilet.
- prohibitions of approach towards plants and having no opportunity to "browse" sprouts.
- brushing when a cat has something different on its mind; plicas removal and tangled hair. Cats also don't like to be petted vigorously, like dogs.
- skin with scabs; dirty and greasy hair; ticks, fleas and ticks in ears.
- to have kittens several times a year - this exhaust its body.
- loud rows of a wife and a husband, children's shouts, dog's barking, horns of cars, roars of airplanes, fire-alarms.
- people who ignore or for some reasons dislike cats.

Translated by Tatiana Karpova (Moscow)
(MSU, Biology faculture, Dep. zoology and ecology).