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How to find out, whether there is at a bird an excess weight?

Adiposity at birds can conduct to various diseases. The most dangerous illness - adiposity of a liver which meets at amazon which incorrectly feed more often. At the wavy parrots, suffering excess weight, tumours develop.

How to check up fatness of a bird? First check up the chest birds of a muscle located on Kiel. If the bird is in normal standard on both sides of Kiel (if to look at him in front) you will see two identical approximated muscles if the bird has excess weight these muscles look bumpy and rough. If your bird too thin in the field of Kiel muscles will be, are as though concave, instead of are convex.

Now we shall try to find hypodermic fat. Examine a forward part of a neck (under the basis of a beak), having raised feathers. At a bird with normal weight on this place you will see jugular vein if this vein it is not visible or color of a skin in this place yellowish your bird has excess weight.

Sometimes and on behaviour of a bird it is possible to define, whether there is at it an excess weight. For example, when it is difficult for bird to fly, it has a short wind at small physical loadings.

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