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At my familiar two years the street pigeon lives. At him began to be bent claws. They already form almost a ring. Probably, moves insufficiently? Prompt, please, why it and whether is necessary to cut nails? Than and how it to make?

At birds as well as at the person, claws grow constantly. The pigeons living in the street, at walking naturally grind off claws about asphalt. And the pigeon of the girlfriend lives in an apartment where a surface of a floor not such rough, therefore grindings of claws do not occur. In this case the girlfriend should cut off or cut itself to the pigeon claws that he could move normally. To make it it is simple: it is necessary to cut off simply cautiously claws of the pigeon manicure scissors or nippers for nails or to cut the machine for manicure.

It is important to not cut off too much - approximately in 5 millimeters from the basis of a finger the blood vessel in a claw of the pigeon comes to an end. So pluck, having receded approximately millimeters 6. If all of you will touch a vessel, blood needs to be stopped at once (for example, having applied{put} cotton wool with a solution of peroxide of hydrogen). And in general, when you begin to cut to the pigeon claws on a regular basis can make all, not having damaged a vessel, and is simple approximately...

One more variant of a problem: shortage of vitamins.

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