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My canary was ill, and the doctor has written out liquid medicines. And how them to give?

Liquid medicines to birds accustom to drinking with the help insulin of a syringe (without a needle!) or pipettes for eyes. When you fill a syringe with a medicine, take a bird in hands, accurately wrap up its soft towel and place the end of a syringe in a beak to a bird (she can start to bite him). After that slowly pour in a medicine, keeping up that the bird has not choked and had time to swallow it{him}. Sometimes the medicine starts to leave nostrils - in this case do not panic! Simply cease to give a medicine and attribute{relate} a bird in a cage. The following doze of a medicine give through the time interval specified by the doctor. Do not overlook to give after each reception of a medicine to a bird a delicacy.

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