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Usefull tips

1. A good lighting in the tank can be provided using small intensity fluorescent bulbs. The ideal lighting is the mixture of warm incandescent light and cold fluorescent light.

2. When you choose a place for tank mind that the aquarium is an interior decoration.

3. The larger is the tank the lesser care it needs, since with the big volume it is easier to achieve the biological equilibrium as well as to maintain it.

4. Air pumping is needed both for saturation of water with oxygen and mixing of cold-water and warm-water layers.

5. To get rid of the air pump buzz replace the tube with a longer one and put the device into the wardrobe or to the balcony.

6. Attaching the heat controller to the air pump along with the heater you provide the optimal heating regimen.

7. It is not worth arranging the species diversity in one tank. Two or three allied species are enough.

8. Very interesting are biotope aquaria - imitations of the natural habitats. With some species this is almost impossible (barbs, angelfish, piranhas, large species of danio), but with others (neon tetras, dwarf livebearers, killifish, bettas, paradise fishes) it is really possible. Mind that biotope aquarium should contain the natural set of plants, the substrate, water composition and pH level.

Translated by Tatiana Karpova (Moscow)
(MSU, Biology faculture, Dep. zoology and ecology).